Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not Quite With It!

Yesterday wasn't the best day.
The phone rang.  I was sound asleep.
"Hi, how are you feeling?", she asked. "I'm going out, do you need anything at the store?".
I didn't need anything. 
I did remind her that she never called me back on Christmas day.
"I don't remember that.", she said.
"You said that you would call me when you got home.", I think I may have sounded surly.
"I did?  Why would I say that?" she sounded puzzled.
This conversation was going nowhere.
We talked for another few minutes and finally she said, "Bea, this is Lu!".
I thought I was talking to my favorite daughter.
It certainly explained a lot.
Why she was going home after shopping to watch "the" movie.
Why she couldn't understand why her voice mail box was full.
Why she had no clue that we were suppose to go out for coffee on Christmas day.

There are people in my life who do sound the same on the phone.  My boys, for example, all sound the same on the phone.  They make it a mission in their lives to carry on a conversation for as long as they can without telling me who it is.  I know it is one of the four, but which one?  So, I ask silly questions hoping I'll get a hint.  I'm too stubborn to admit I can't tell one from the other.

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More later :)
Have a wonderful day.