Monday, December 20, 2010

A Typical Sunday, Sort of.

I've waited all day for something momentus to happen to chronicle.  It never happened.
I went shopping for the tailgating party this morning and then we stopped at Denny's for breakfast.
Their Holiday Slam looked appealing.  Two of the items were orange/cranberry pancakes and gingerbread french toast.  How could one resist?
Hint, if you decide to try them together.  Eat all of the orange/cranberry pancakes first. 
I tried the pancakes and you could certainly taste the orange juice and the cranberries.   But, then I tasted the gingerbread french toast.  I love gingerbread.  It didn't need the warm maple syrup that came with it.
Ginger is a strong spice with an after taste that lasts quite some time.  Going back to the pancakes after tasting the french toast was a let down.  While I know the flavors were still there, they were overpowered by a ginger taste that wouldn't go away.

Got back home just in time to put the finishing touches on the food and get it down to the community room to watch the Bill's/Miami game.  Florida son was at the game to cheer on the Bills'.  I had everyone in the room looking for Bills' fans but we never did catch a glimpse of him.  I figured it wouldn't be hard to spot red, white, and blue in a sea of Dolphin colors, but it was.
I thought the Bills' played like contenders today.  It was a fun game to watch, even knowing that they were eliminated from any playoff hope weeks ago.  Congrats to the Bills' for the win today!

I have an invitation for coffee tomorrow morning from one of the posters on  John and I rarely see eye to eye on anything, and this coffee meeting is to see if we can find common ground.
I think we have on the issue of seven people being displaced by the Town of Batavia with less that 24 hours notice.
This story has many facets.  An out of state slum lord.  A motel that was turned into apartments but has fallen on hard times and disrepair.  The Town of Batavia that wants that land to expand a neighboring park.  The Town of Batavia's building inspector who condemned the building.  The slumlord who didn't let the tenants know that they would be evicted a week before Christmas.  The tenants who had less than a day to find another place to live and who are unable to get their belongings out of their apartments.  One couple has a 10 month old baby. 
That couple was placed in another motel by the Department of Social Services.
The rest found that they couldn't get help from DSS; the Salvation Army or the Red Cross.
This is a story of a Town of Batavia official who never took the plight of the tenants into consideration when he visted them and told them they had 17 hours to evacuate their apartments.
Perhaps, at this 'summit' meeting, we can work together to help out these families.

Wii bowling/golf had quite a turnout tonight.  My only claim to the evening was the 224 I bowled.

Tomorrow, I start off with coffee with my protaganist.  I staff the shop from 9am-Noon.  I hope to make the Euchre tournament at 1pm.  The first injection for the right knee is scheduled for 4pm.  The Girl Scouts are coming to carol at 6:30pm  I am going to try to make it down to listen to them, but it will depend on how the knee feels.