Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Parties

One of the best things about the holidays is spending time with family. 
My cousin, Annie, hosts a party every year.  It is a mini family reunion where cousins, who rarely get a chance to see each other throughout the year, gather to remember the times when we were not as far flung.
No doubt most of you remember a time when families all lived within blocks of each other.  You would see each other at school, church, or in each other's back yards.  Our mobile society has changed all that.
We had a large family.  Annie is more my comtemporary than she is my aunt, yet she and my aunt are first cousins.  The number of first cousins from that family is sadly dwindling.  That generation were the first born Americans in our Sicilian family.  They were the keepers of the torch that kept alive the traditions our grandparents and our great grandparents brought to this country. 
Today the second and even the third generation are now grandparents.  So we will gather, the first, second, third and fourth generation Americans and celebrate the holiday and remember those who have gone before us. 
So, today, we'll feast on the comfort foods we all remembered as kids.  We'll be awed by the desserts. 
We'll take note on how the kids have grown.  We'll raise a glass to celebrate the births of the new twigs on the tree, including baby Levi born on Friday. 
Hoping you have a wonderful Sunday.  I'll try to post pictures later today.
20 days til' Christmas