Thursday, December 9, 2010

GOP blocks legislation to award seniors $250

Happy holidays, senior citizens.  The GOP placed coal in your stocking again this year.
There are times when I feel as if I'm standing on a mountain, shouting into the wind.  The fight for the rights for our seniors is a never ending battle.
I'll admit that I've been self absorbed the past few days.  My friend, Mark Williams, put the link on his Facebook page. 
Mark has a way with words that I'll never have.  It must be the fact that he is, among other things, an actor.  He can tell you a story with a dramatic flair that grabs your attention.
"Really, Republicans? REALLY? You vote to give a tax cut to people making more than $250K a year, but you won't give $250 to people living on Social Security?  
If you are a Republican you should simply be ashamed of yourself. Is this REALLY what you stand for? If not--then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."
Mark's words certainly grabbed my attention.
I read the article on Yahoo and I knew I had to share it here.
One thing that stuck out, in that article, was a comment by Barbara Kennelly, president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare,:

Barbara Kennelly, said, "it was a "cruel irony" that while Congress and White House were negotiating a deal extending huge tax cuts to wealthy Americans, "today we're told that providing $250 for America's seniors and their families is considered too generous."

Mark was kind enough to allow me to quote him.  He quipped, "Does that mean I'll be famous in Genesee County?".  To which I answered, "yep". 
Thank you, Mark, for bringing this to my attention. 
The $250 payment bill is H.R. 5987.

15 days til' Christmas