Monday, December 13, 2010

2/3s of a Day & Skybars.

My day is 2/3s over.  I staffed the shop from 9am to noon.  Played in a Euchre tournament from 1pm to 3pm, and now a short rest before I perform my last duty as the secretary of the Residents' Council this evening.
I've been the secretary for two years and it is time to hand it over to someone else.  Not that I didn't enjoy it, but there are too many other irons in the fire. 
Do you remember Skybar candy bars?  When I was a kid they were my favorite, other than Clark bars.
The other evening, Shop and Stock made the mistake of leaving the candy vendor's price sheet on the table while we were wii bowling.  They have a list of vintage candy bars and I spotted, Skybars.
"We have to get Skybars", I announced.
Shop and Stock's first reaction was, "No, we don't.".
How typical. 
"Skybars and Chuckles", I continued.  My mind racing back years ago to my childhood.  I totally ignored his protests.
The next day I went down to the shop while he was staffing it.  I brought him a survey I was going to run in our newsletter.  It asked, which of these candy bars would you like to see carried in the shop. 
"I'll let our readers decide.", I told him.  "The candy bar they vote on will be featured in the shop all through January.  Sort of the Candy bar of the Month.".  I thought that was a fair way to do it.
Much to my surprise, Skybars were part of the order we received on Friday.  Chuckles, too.
Now I'm holding my breath that they sell.  So far, things look good.  One man came in and bought three of them.  He caught me in the hall waving one of them.  "What made you decide to get these?", he asked with a grin,  "I haven't seen these in years.".
I hope he keeps buying them. 
I have that list committed to memory.  I'll start bugging Shop and Stock in a few weeks for Raisinettes and Bonomo's Turkish Taffy (chocolate).  This could be a fun mission.

12 days to Christmas
11 Shopping days
We are in a Snow advisory until Wednesday night - will it hit?