Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Care-A-Van Celebrates Christmas at 400 Towers

I received a phone call from Paul Olsen asking if Care-A-Van could come to the Towers on Tuesday evening to entertain our residents with carols, home made cookies and brownies, hot chocolate and deliver gift bags.
It would take an entire week to describe the good that Care-A-Van does in our city.  Their outreach ministry makes a huge difference in the lives of many.  Of course, they could come on Tuesday night.
Tuesday morning found me down in the office making posters that would let the residents know of the unexpected Christmas party.
I also had to tell the chair of Tuesday night bingo that I had usurped the community room.  He would have to cancel bingo for the night.  A poster had to go up for that as well.

The Snack Shop team was alerted so they could let our customers know.
Fortunately, the kitchen was serving their monthly breakfast so I asked them to tell everyone who came down about Care-A-Van's Christmas event.
Last but no least, arrangements were made to make an announcement just before the appointed time to remind the residents to join us.
That took care of the short amount of time I was allowed to be on that right knee for the morning.
The quick plans must have worked.  We had over 50 attend.

It was a great evening.  The folks really got into the spirit of the season.  The pictures are courtesy of Robin Walters, from Care-A-Van.  She was busy all evening.
I found myself stationed at the front door to let their volunteers in.  The wind was blowing.  Robin never gave me an opportunity to pull a brush through my hair before we had our picture taken together. 

Thank you Care-A-Van for a beautiful evening.

It's almost time.
Are you ready?