Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chris Charvella on Genesee Justice

Genesee Justice Matters
I was deeply affected this morning when a woman I've never met came to see me at work. She wanted to talk about Genesee Justice, why it's so important and what we can do to convince our legislature that they are being wholly obtuse.

The problem is that my hands are currently tied when it comes to these matters for reasons that most of you who read this blog know, but that I am unable to discuss publicly.

I have ideas though and even though I have been barred from taking meaningful action, you have not.

Certain members of the legislature are lying about the small volume of constituent calls they've received about Genesee Justice. Don't let them do it anymore. Make a call and tell them to do the right thing, then have your brother/sister/spouse/mom/dad/friend do the same.

Show up to the budget meeting next Monday where they'll be discussing this. They may not allow public comment, but it's an open meeting and just being there with a scowl on your face can make a me.

If the legislature accepts Ed Minardo's offer to give up his own job to save the program (which, by the way, makes him a better man than most) I want you to do something that maybe you've never done. I want you to write two checks and I promise I'll be doing the same. The first one should be made out to the foundation he'll be starting to keep Genesee Justice afloat and doing the good work they're known for. The second should be made out to him personally because when a man sacrifices his livelihood for our benefit, we owe him our support. The size of the checks don't matter, the principle you uphold by writing them does.

Everything we do, every day, has an effect on the world around us. The actions we take and the ones we choose not to impact even our small sphere of influence in large ways. If the people we have entrusted with the power to govern, the power to create and destroy, only choose destruction, apathy and decay by attrition then it is our responsibility to set the better example.

Members of the Genesee County Legislature:

Raymond F. Cianfrini

District No. 1

Towns of Alabama and Oakfield

79 N. Main, Oakfield, New York 14125

Office Phone: (585) 948-5201 - Home Phone: (585) 948-5347

Robert J. Bausch

District No. 2

Towns of Elba, Byron and Bergen

PO Box 81 Bergen, New York 14416

Phone (585) 494-2114

Annie M. Lawrence

District No. 3

Towns of Pembroke and Darien

2495 Brown Road, Corfu, New York 14036

Phone (585) 762-8506

Mary Pat Hancock, Chair

District No. 4

Towns of Batavia and Stafford

8234 Lewiston Road, Batavia, New York 14020

Phone: (585) 343-1011

Jerome J. Grasso

District No. 5

Town of LeRoy

8706 Haven Lane, LeRoy, New York 14482

Phone: (585) 768-8007

Esther Leadley

District No. 6

Towns of Alexander, Bethany and Pavilion

11047 River Road, Pavilion, New York 14525

Phone: (585) 584-3548

Robert J. Radley

District No. 7 Wards 1 & 6

City of Batavia

23 Allanview Batavia, NY

Phone: (585) 343-4509

Hollis D. Upson, Vice Chair

District No. 8 Wards 2 & 3

City of Batavia

69 Ellicott Avenue, Batavia, New York 14020

Phone: (585) 344-1014 (H) (585) 343-6211 (W)

Edward DeJaneiro, Jr. 2nd Vice Chair

District No. 9, Wards 4 & 5

City of Batavia

104 River Street, Batavia, New York 14020

Phone: (585) 343-9240