Friday, December 3, 2010

Senior Citizens Enjoy Late Night Games

Before you get the wrong impression this doesn't mean that the senior citizens are running to and from apartments during the late night hours. 
Nor does it mean that they congregate every time an ambulance pulls up to the door in order to speculate who is in crisis.
The senior citizens, in our complex, are enjoying wii bowling and wii golf.
Bowling starts about 9pm every night.  They play for a few hours then switch to golf.  The diehards will play until the wee hours of the morning.
It is an amazing thing.  We have people who rarely came out of their apartments and now they are playing during these late night forays.
It is low impact exercise.  It keeps the mind sharp.  It is just plain fun.
So much fun that the residents' council is looking into a second system and a second tv so that more people can play at one time.  

Lu showing off her 300 game.

We have over 60 people who play the wii games.  Several have become masters in both bowling an golf.
Have you finished your shopping?
21 more shopping days til' Christmas.