Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I'm Not Decorating This Year

Three years ago, I received a gorgeous lap robe that has a Christmas tree and gifts on it.  The colors match my sofa, so it stays there all year long.
Two years ago, I received a wonderful gift.  It was a print of a small country village with the words, "All Hearts Come Home For Christmas".  I hung it on the wall and surrounded it with pictures of my five "big" people.    I never took it down. 
Last year, I received a beautiful basket filled with wine, crackers and snacks just perfect for a wine tasting.  The basket sits on my baker's rack.  It is a festive reminder of the season.
Last year, I also received a colorful throw.  It is red with colorful dots.  It is Christmasy, yes, but it has been by my computer for a year.  It keeps me warm on chilly nights. 
Hanging by my door is an artificial wreath I received last year.  It hangs there because I had no where else to store it.  It is right in style today.
As I looked around, I also noticed the snowman that was hand made from styrofoam.  Why would I keep that snowman around all year?  It has a thermometer on it that tells me how warm or cold it is in the apartment.
On the top shelf, by my bed, is the Thomas Kinkade porcelain bell, a gift from my favorite daughter many years ago.
A week ago, I looked around to decide how to decorate and decided I really didn't have to.  My favorite Christmas things surround me every day.
There are three exceptions:
On my hall table you will find my Santa that holds a platter just right for cookies, and my nativity figures, gifts from my Michigan family.
I, also, carefully unwrapped a snow globe that comes out once a year.
My decorating is done.  :)

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